So you've done your research and have decided the aussie is right for you? Congratulations! The australian shepherd cannot be beat if you ask us. We truly think they are the best all around dog there is. If you are still uncertain if they would be a great addition to your life and have any questions, please feel free to ask! Or better yet, come out for a visit and see what you are in for! Our dogs love new visitors, especially ones with strong throwing arms! They never get tired of that tennis ball I tell you!

At Peaceful Creek Farm, we take great pride in raising our Australian Shepherds in the most loving home as possible. Our aussies are not just wonderful pets, they are family! If you are new to the aussie world, or an experienced owner, we want to welcome you to our page and thank you for considering a Peaceful Creek Aussie! We are available at any time to answer your questions about the breed in general, or about our dogs. That being said, there are several things to consider before embarking on the journey of adding an aussie to your family. I recommend the following article if you are new to the breed: *Please just keep in mind that aussies are much like people, in that no two are alike. Ours have very distinct personalities that could be seen from a very early age.

There is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog.
—Mira Grant

Raising an aussie...main points to consider:

  • "Most" aussies like to be dominant and the one in control. Early leadership must be established by the owner to prevent future problems. You have to be their pack leader.
  • They need a job and LOVE to learn. Otherwise they can create thier own "jobs" and this may be a destructive one (ex: making sure every inch of your garden hose has holes in it) :)
  • Are you willing to spend time on grooming? Aussies shed year round, but have two major shedding seasons per year.
  • Aussies are known as a "velcro dog"...they become very attached to their person/people. Do you have ample time to spend with him/her? If not, don't get an aussie. ***We will not be placing any of our precious puppies into homes that will make them into lawn ornaments. IE: tied to a tree or in a kennel 24/7. We do not support chains at all actually and there are many reasons why. Especially after having acquaintances lose a dog over choking themselves on their chain, we just can't stand the thought of it happening to one of our precious babies. We hope you understand. 
  • Did you know that some aussies with higher herding instincts, can actually herd your children? Some have been said to even nip at their heels. We haven't experience this with our, but it is a possibility that I think people should be aware of and ready to correct with proper training.