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*Due to the fact that there are dishonest people in the world, a complete address will be given when arrangements are made for puppy pickup. We want to keep our babies and family as safe as possible!  Please be aware that puppy theft is a real threat, and always keep your babies as safe as possible!

Peaceful Creek Aussies is located in Hodgenville, KY 42748

 Phone:  (270) 766-8402


Puppy Wait list policy

*A signed copy of this is required when placing deposit, written acknowledgment may suffice if discussed prior. Please email us for the copy to fill out and return.

Peaceful Creek Aussies - Deposit and Waiting List Policy

Hello new friend! It sounds like you’d like to obtain a Peaceful Creek Aussie puppy from us! We are flattered and thankful for you putting your trust in us! We have to follow the same system for everyone, in order to be fair.  Joining our waiting list requires the following:

Prior approval from us (which includes the signed Puppy Application/questionnaire) so we can learn more about you!
Signed Deposit and Waiting List Policy
$250.00 deposit (included in the final purchase price)

We at Peaceful Creek Aussies reserve the right of First choice on all litters, though in the past this has never been a problem because, at this time, we do not wish to add to our Aussie family.  

Please note that all deposits are non- refundable. We will discuss an exception to this, if spoken about beforehand and a puppy meeting your specific requirements isn’t produced. Your deposit is our assurance that you are sincere about owning one of our pups. I use deposits to manage the wait-list, not to make money. Deposits may be paid in cash, check, money order, Venmo or Paypal. Future puppy parents are placed on the waiting list in the order of the date deposits are received. Puppies will be offered in the same chronological order as received deposits. Before placing a deposit with us, please be certain that you are willing to wait for your special puppy. We provide those on our waiting list with the best estimate of when a pup will be available to them. Please understand that many factors can change this estimate including whether a breeding takes and overall litter size. Being placed on our waiting list does not guarantee that you will receive a puppy from a specific litter. We do our best to fulfill the requests of our puppy parents, but, genetics being what they are, we cannot predict which coat or eye color will result from any breeding. Because there are so many variations within our breed, I advise you not to be married to a coat color and/or eye color. Please note, that while we can try to guess a puppy’s adult eye color, we make no guarantee. Eye color on puppies is known to change as they grow, though it can generally be known by 8-10 weeks of age, possibly sooner with the light blues.

When the puppies are approximately 2-3 weeks of age, the selection process can begin. You will receive, via E-mail or text message, a picture of the entire litter and possibly a telephone call informing you that the picture has been sent. It is your responsibility to keep us updated with any changes in your contact information. You will have up until the puppies are 4 weeks of age to make a final selection. If a selection is not reached by that point, I will move onto the next person on the list and/or the puppies will be listed as available. We want to make sure each of our precious puppies find their forever home. If a puppy isn’t produced that meets your needs, you can leave your deposit down to move up in number of picking, for the next litter.

When a client refuses a selection, the next client on the list will be offered the opportunity to choose from the remaining puppies. This will continue until all puppies in the litter are placed in their fur-ever homes. As puppies are chosen, those clients are removed from the waiting list and everyone below them moves up to the next higher position on the list. If any puppies are not placed with any of the clients on the waiting list, those puppies will be offered openly to the general public, after approval/puppy app is approved.

All puppies will be wormed a minimum of three (3) times and have received their first vaccination (6 weeks) prior to leaving our home. Puppies may not be picked up prior to eight (8) weeks of age. Included with each puppy will be their vet records and a puppy gift bag. This will include a small bag of their current food, a blanket that smells like momma and siblings, as well as some other goodies and lots of information. I am always here for you now and in the future, if you allow me to be.  

When placing your deposit, please provide the following:

Your Name:
Physical Address:
E-Mail Address:
Contact Phone-where you may be reached daily:
Sex of puppy desired:
Color/markings of puppy desired:



*Please note that this form should be printed and mailed with your deposit. Upon verbal agreement, we will reserve your place in line for 4 days so you will have time to print, sign and mail this policy back to us, along with the deposit.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. We are here to make sure our babies find wonderful homes and you find a friend for life.

 **Please note that my puppy application can be emailed to you in much better form. Below is just for reference, so you will be aware of the questions asked. Just send us your email address and we will get you a copy right away. Thank you for understanding our concern in placing our puppies in the very best homes possible. Please don't be afraid of these questions, they are a starting point for us to understand each other better. After reviewing the application, a phone call between us is the next step. After the phone call is complete and everything is in order, we require a $250 non-refundabledeposit to hold the puppy of your choice. At that time we do require a signed copy of our "waiting list" policy. This form can be seen below as well. A copy of the final contract will be sent to the future owner(s). When the time comes to pick up your new family member, the completed and signed contract will be exchanged at pickup. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at any time. We are always here to talk about our furry family members!  ~Shelly

Puppy Application:

Home and/or Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
E-mail address: 


Why do you want a dog? How did you learn about Australian shepherd and why do you want this breed?
Are you acquiring a dog for yourself or for someone else?  If for someone else, are they aware of your intentions?

How does your significant other feel about the addition of an Australian shepherd?

Do you have children living with you or visiting regularly? If yes, please note gender and ages.

Who in your family will be primarily responsible for the new dog?
Do you have other pets?  If yes, please list. Are they spayed/neutered?

Have you ever had to surrender a dog to a shelter or find it a new home in the past? If yes, please explain why?

Have you or anyone in your household ever been charged with animal cruelty or had any animal taken away from you or any member of your household for suspicion of animal cruelty? If yes, please explain.


Do you live in: apartment, house, mobile home, condo, other (please describe) Do you own or rent?  If you have a landlord, please provide their contact information below:


In which type of area is your home located: Urban, suburban, rural? Please describe.

Are there any dog restrictions or laws in your area?

Have you checked into local ordinances in your area pertaining to owning/housing an animal (e.g., leash laws, required vaccinations, dog licenses, etc.)? Are you willing to comply?

Where will the dog spend its time when you are home & also when you’re away at work? Where will it sleep?

Approximately how long, each day, would your dog be left alone?  

Have you ever used a crate in housetraining a puppy or dog? Do you intend to use crate training for this dog?
In the event of emergency (e.g., hospitalization, natural disaster, etc.), who would take care of your dog?

Do you have a fenced yard? If no, explain the arrangements you will provide for housebreaking & exercise.

May I or my representative visit your home if we choose to? If no, why not?


Do you prefer a male or female?
Please describe any physical attributes that are of particular importance to you in the puppy/dog you are seeking?

 Are you prepared to spay/neuter your dog, or are you interested in breeding?
What are your goals for your dog? (Please circle or check)

Breeding - Conformation/Showing - Obedience-Rally – Agility - Fly ball – Therapy or Assistance Dog – Herding – Tracking – Other


Are you aware of the grooming requirements of the Australian Shepherd?

In addition to the normal routine at home, what activities will your dog have? EX:  (Walk routinely with a family member, go to classes, compete in dog shows or performance events, etc.)?

Have you ever trained a dog?  Attended training classes?  If yes, please describe how you trained and what commands were taught.

Are you aware of the socialization and training requirements of the Australian Shepherd? Are you prepared to spend time doing this?

How do you intend to obedience train your dog: On your own or with a club/trainer?

Have you ever experienced any behavior problems with past or present pets? If yes, how did you handle those?


If you have a veterinarian, please provide contact information below: Name, address, phone number please.

Are you financially prepared to give this dog a good quality of life? To finish its vaccinations, provide a monthly worm preventative? To provide flea/tick preventative? To provide a quality dog food?

Are you prepared for the responsibility of caring for this dog for its entire life (10-16 years)?

Please supply a reference (dog trainer, Aussie owner, neighbor, etc.—not including immediate family) who know you well enough to recommend you as a dog owner. List name and phone number please as well as relation to you.
What do you expect of me, your dog’s breeder? Do you have any questions for me? Would you be willing to commit to keeping in contact and allowing me to see the puppy grow throughout its life?

Is there any other information you would like for me to know, at this time?

By signing this questionnaire, I affirm that all statements made above are true to the best of my knowledge.  (If you are submitting this form via e-mail, please type your name in the signature line.  I will require a signed copy before placing a puppy.)  


Buyer Signature:__________________________________               Date:_________________________


Breeder Signature:________________________________    Date:_________________________