Peaceful Creek's Gypsy Rose 

Peaceful Creek's Mercy Grace

Peaceful Creek's Gunner Ray

Sweet Mercy Grace came to us in 2022 and has been such a sweet girl. She's a blue merle female with white trim, no copper. She is a tiny girl around 37lbs. Super sweet and loving and a complete "velcro dog." She hasn't had a litter yet but we do look forward to seeing what she will produce! I'm sure they'll be gorgeous when they come. Keep an eye out! 

Gunner Ray's middle name is after my papaw's middle name. He is a beautiful blue eyed black tri with a fantastic personality! He is loving and wants nothing more than to be in your lap! Well, unless he can herd a goat, then that's what he'll be doing. He came from a breeder in the OH area that has now moved to CA so I am glad we found him when we did! He is a very athletic and sweet dog. He is a momma's boy at heart and I love him dearly! He is also red factored and has produced beautiful puppies! He sure makes me proud and I'm sure you can see why! 

Pearman's "Trip" was our first aussie and the IDEAL dog! He is a gorgeous black tri with one blue and one brown eye. He is red-factored. He is smart as a tack, empathetic toward people and animals alike! He has been seen tending to a hurt chicken, cuddling the cats and he is even an attentive dad to his puppies! He is the only other dog that momma will let in the kennel with the puppies. He is a total sweetheart and everyone that meets him, loves him. He sure is loyal and the best of a friend...totally my heart dog. As of 2020 Trip has retired from parenting any new litters but will hopefully be around for a long time to come. We need someone to oversee new babies, after all.

Pearman's Trip

Truly Belle of Irish Dream

Maple Sue, our first red merle, came to us in 2022 and had her first GORGEOUS litter in 2024. She is a beautiful girl, full of copper. She has clear genetic lines and is AKC/ASCA registered. She is sweet as sugar and wants constant attention. She loves to be loved on and thinks she's a lap dog at 45lbs! 

Peaceful Creek's Maple Sue

Gypsy is our youngest girl. She is a beautiful blue merle with lots of rich coppering! She has one brown eye, one hazel eye that has a fleck of blue. She is a total sweetheart that loves to be in your face at all times. She came all the way from OK and is a total ranch hand! She loves to be herding the goats if at all possible! She has enough energy to spare! Non-stop at all times! Too bad mom doesn't let her mess with the goats! She is red factored and had the prettiest babies with her "boyfriend" Gunner Ray!

Truly Belle of Irish Dream is our first girl. We found her all the way in TX but I knew I just HAD to have her! Something about her just drew me to her! I am so glad I went with my gut because she is the best girl ever. She is kind and never gets mad at anyone (unless one of the dogs besides Trip tries to come around her babies when they are young). She allows us to come and go with her babies and has the sweetest spirit. She is a beautiful blue merle and that has always produced the prettiest babies. She was always a great mom, protective and gentle! She has become one of my best friends! I love my Tru-girl! She has officially retired from Mommy-hood but is still my bestest girl.